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Welcome to Adult fling finder Manchester. We created this site as Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the UK, but we didn’t feel that it had any incredible dating sites to help men meet up with more women for sex. We wanted to create a site that was different and actually worked to help people in Manchester respond to their next fuck buddy quickly and easily.

How is this site different to other sites in Manchester

We know that there are hundreds of other dating websites out there, but we feel they are all the same thing. Websites that are full of fake profiles and even the profiles that are real are just people who set up profiles once and have not been back on the website since. We spent a lot of time looking at other dating websites and deciding what it was that we didn’t like about them and the thing that we came back to time and time again was that the other dating websites simply did not work. We were sending messages to people who never write back. Their search features just didn’t work very well. Sometimes you even had to pay to sign up to a dating website to realise that no one else was on it. I mean there were so many issues that we realised that there was a gap in the market to help people in Manchester meet up with their ideal fling quickly and easily.

What did we do to make this Adult Fling site great?

The first thing we did was got a team of people removing any fake profiles. Our number one rule is that anyone on this website has to be real and has to be an active user. If we feel that any profile is fake or that many people who has signed up to this website is not using it correctly or not messaging people back, we remove their profile. The second thing we do is we make sure that everyone who signs up had a profile pictures. We know that if you do not have a profile pictures, then no one will respond to you. The other thing we did was make this website as easy to use as possible and are constantly messaging people to ask them how the site could be made better, We listen to our users in Manchester and improve the site based on their suggestions.

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